Jan 20, 2013


The morning after completing three days of jury duty, I woke up at 6:30am with an insatiable urge to take my camera out into the fog.  One of the hardest parts about completing my jury duty was  knowing I would be stuck in a courtroom all day, missing out on the amazing fog and frost we were getting.  Knowing that the fog would burn off by 9am and considering that it was a whopping 0 degrees outside, I didn't feel right about asking anyone to come with me on such short notice-  but I needed someone to be in my pictures!!!

I asked my husband if he would consider taking the pictures for me if I adjusted the settings beforehand and stood in as the subject.  With some quick instruction on the kind of composition I was looking for, he began clicking away.  He did a pretty good job, I think!

Fog 050-002

Fog 043 copycopyw

Fog 088-001

Fog 063

Fog 081-003

Fog 099-003